We bring a good mix of experience and robust processes to the table.

Knowledge Consulting
Pvt. Ltd.

Patent consulting team, to effectively create and leverage patent portfolio

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Our Vision

Most P/referred Partner in Business Strategy and Innovation.

Our Mission

  • Create value for organizations through quality patent and technology consultations.
  • Work closely with organizations over the long term to create a strategic patent portfolio
  • Enable and accelerate breakthrough innovations through competitive intelligence using technology and IP information.

What makes us
stand out?

Welcome to our

TekIP® Knowledge Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a patent consulting Organisation

We help client organizations succeed at one of the most challenging problems of our times viz. to effectively create and leverage their patent portfolio in a way so as to enjoy a sustained competitive advantage in the markets they serve. We help by objectively applying technology and industry insights along with an in-depth understanding of IP laws.

  • Our team brings a good mix of experience and robust processes to the table while sifting through tonnes of data that now exist in almost any technology area.
  • Our spread of expertise is from complex engineering systems to inventions which are still pushing the boundaries of science.
  • We partner with the legal, technology and business teams to create valuable documents, reports as well as patent drafts for the project teams based on comprehensive patent and technology research.
  • We use extensive in-house digitization expertise to study data from different points of view

Look us up if you want a reliable long term partner in creating strategic patents or creating a strategy through patent and technology study.