TekIP® offers end to end patent analytics services to suit client’s needs and the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of their product / invention. The services include the following:

  • Mapping the overall competitive technology landscape for a given domain
  • Identifying potential opportunities in a target area
  • Protecting the potential opportunities in a domain early on
  • Risk mitigation strategies to strengthen the product / patent portfolio
  • Differentiating the final product by carving out a unique space

The various steps can be achieved through multiple work products ranging from Landscape analysis to patentability studies to Freedom to Operate (Infringement) analysis, and invalidity/ validity studies. In addition, TekIP® also offers Patent Valuation Services which will assess the value of the IP portfolio of a client.

The final work product is customized to the client’s choice and requirements.

At TekIP®, We have built robust process steps around each of our work products and our team of analysts who are domain experts in their technical domain will be able to suitably articulate the work product to the satisfaction of the client.

Services Provided

Patentability Search / Prior art Search / Novelty Search

These searches are designed to help an inventor, an attorney, a patent drafter or any innovator to determine the patentability of their idea. We will help you identify most relevant prior art search for given idea.
How this search will help you?
Enables the inventor/ client to understand if the subject matter is patentable, to design around the invention, arrive at a claim strategy during drafting for cost effectiveness.
Done across all stages of the Technology readiness level of a product/ portfolio development

Patent Landscape Analysis / State-of-the Art search

These customized searches are focused to identify patented technology landscape or state-of-the art of the specific technology area.
How this search will help you?
Enables the client to understand the technology landscape and competitor activity in a given technology area. Alternately called as technology scouting also.
Enables identification of unclaimed territory in a technology domain and develop future R&D strategy.

Identification of novel technology trends in a given technology domain
Done during the first few stages of TRLs and towards the end of product launch as well.

Freedom to Operate Search / Clearance Search

This search will help to identify potential patent infringement of the products/manufacturing processes before launch of the product/ adopting a manufacturing process in a given jurisdiction.
How this search will help you?
Enables the inventor/ client to understand the potential threats in bringing the product / service to market based on existing, enforceable patents in a domain, as well as in a particular jurisdiction where the product is to be launched.
Enables modification of product / process steps to avoid such threats/ infringements.

To determine a strategy proactively, during product design stage itself, in case a potential infringement is found early on.
Done at all levels of the TRLs of a product/ service, such that designing alternate strategy is seamless to the project plan.

Obtaining a legal opinion based on the search.

Invalidity Search/ Opposition Search Report

This search is designed to perform a prior art search on the existing patent/ patent application for invalidating/ opposing novelty of a claim or set of claims.
How this search will help you?

Trademark Search

These searches are designed to help an organization to identify novelty or similarity of their intended trademarks with respect to existing trademarks available in the trademark registry.
How this search will help you?

Technology alerts / Patent Watch

These custom search updates are designed to provide you a periodical updates of new patents/ patent applications published in a given technology.
How this search will help you?
Alerts a technology team/client team on the various patent applications filed / patents granted on a periodic basis in a given technology domain.
Alerts on new competitors as well as existing competitors activity in terms of their patenting activity

Early identification of potential risk and designing strategies to avert the risk.
This is done essentially when a new research area is contemplated by the R&D team.