Valuation Study

Technology Valuation Service

Do you know the true value of your patents?

TekIP’s Technology Valuation Service enables you to determine the monetary value of your patents or inventions. Valuation of intellectual property is conducted for the purpose of In-licensing, Out-licensing, Sale or Purchase of IP assets, Calculation of damages when IP right is infringed, Financial reporting, Investment in R&D, Optimizing taxation, M&A divestures, spin-offs.

We conduct valuation of your intellectual property using standard approaches like cost approach, income approach and market approach methods.

On top of the financial valuation, TekIP’s experts may also provide with an assessment of the qualitative strengths and weaknesses of all related Intellectual property rights considering the various metrics or factors related to Market, Legal and Technology.

Technology Valuation Tool

A web-based technology valuation tool is developed with which interested users can make efficient and real-time evaluations of technologies.

This model is valuing technology in order to evaluate its economic worth from a microscopic point of view, using cost approach methods, market approach methods, income approach methods.

The tool will be able to quickly generate reports on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the patent with graphs and textual reasoning's in customised format. The tool is designed with an intent to combine and streamline different valuation practices and reduce some of the their uncertainty and subjectivity.

  • Guided and user intuitive valuation
  • Cover all existing standard practices of valuation
  • Customised visualizations
  • Automated report generation